Mineral and speciality feeds, licks, milk replacers and starter feeds for dairy cattle, calves bulls & feedlot cattle.
Mineral feeds, speciality products and finished feeds for sows, piglets and fattening pigs.
Mineral and nutritional concentrates for sheep, goats and lambs.
Mineral and nutritional concentrates for hens, turkeys and broilers.
Supplements, feed additives and fertility boosters for equine animals.
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Larrem(Pty) Ltd. is a veterinary Nutriceuticals, Feed additive/Supplement, Raw Material Commodity source and Pharmaceutical manufacturer specializing in the Animal Health Industry. Manufacturing, packaging and dispatch is done on-site where strict controls are implemented- Larrem is currently the only local veterinary supplement manufacturer in South Africa that has the CMI HACCP SANS 10330:Feb2006 accreditation, which incorporates control over Good Manufacturing Procedures, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000 and SANS procedures under guidance from Quality Business Systems.

All products introduced into the market are from necessities of the industry as well as the foresight from the proposed African Union due to take effect in 2014. Products are researched, formulated, developed, tested and registered by the owner according to Department of Agriculture Acts. Products are manufactured from raw materials sourced from local and international companies to ensure quality, stability and efficacy. Product conformity is strictly scrutinized and SANS accredited laboratories are used to do quality control on an ongoing basis. Packaging is neat with easily explained labels for consumer ‘ease of use’ with very well defined batch numbers and expiry dates. A lot of contract manufacturing done is per client and for export to neighboring states i.e. Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola.

New product development is ongoing to meet the need of changing political, financial and demographic challenges- all in an attempt to maximize production and health status of livestock without any negative consequences to the consumer and the environment.

Company Mission Statement To implement quality, niche products required to enhance health, production and efficiency in animals, to guarantee the product safety to our customers, their livestock, the consumers and the environment. We undertake to take all necessary steps during the process stages of manufacturing to ensure that we comply with the legislative requirements to the GMP and HACCP standards, maintaining good quality assurance standards to avoid accidents and subsequent damage to the consumer and others in the food supply chain. We also undertake to implement a quality non-conforming policy system, which is communicated to all levels of our organization that will ensure a culture of awareness throughout the company and the industry. Politics is a deciding factor in our business, hence the alignment with the ANC Business Partner Forum where we are very involved with training of newly formed Up-and-Coming business ventures of expropriated farms.

Advantages of Schaumann products include:
  • Better livestock health and vitality
  • Increased gains in weight
  • Shorter feeding periods
  • Better feed conversion
  • Improved reproduction
  • Better meat quality
  • Can go “organic” if required

Individuality of each ration pertaining to each farmers specific needs/constraints with regards to raw materials and goals = optimized and effective way for successful individual livestock production

Advantages of going with Larrem:
  • Quality service assured, meaning the Whole package is included:
  • Logistics support Product availability assured
  • Farm consultations and regular feedback if required
  • Feedback with experienced nutritionist
  • Rations can be developed to meet needs of each specific farm
  • Rations highly flexible and can be reformulated within days

NOTE: The formulation of rations is done free of charge.

LARREM & SCHAUMANN:- Your partners for successful animal farming through purpose made solutions.

Founded in 1938, Schaumann is now the leading agricultural company relating to animal nutrition in Europe and many other parts of the world, branching out to over 45 countries and spanning 4 continents.

Through pioneering ideas in livestock production, Schaumann have developed the concept of mineral and vitamin supplements for animal nutrition.

Schaumanns principles are based on unique, innovative, purpose-made solutions that take scientific knowledge of effective research and development undertaken in numerous trials and studies.

All ingredients of Schaumann products are transparently guaranteed for their high quality, consistency, purity and traceability. This ensures the best absorption, palatability and digestion for healthier and genetically maximised production for the end user.

Schaumann has long term experience in many fields of animal nutrition and has an internationally renowned research centre as well as large practical farm. This assists in developing the best and most practical solutions for almost every livestock challenge.

Larrem uses a highly experienced team of consultants/advisors with local knowledge and capability in conjunction with Schaumann’s team of expertly trained nutritionists to provide the necessary help/advice for the individual farmer to achieve the most practical solution and thus guarantee the best results for the individual farm. This will help to build the base for an economic success and subsequently a long lasting relationship with Larrem and Schaumann.