Innovative development of organically bound trace elements for Pigs and Cattle
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AMINOTRACE - For Pigs & Cattle

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Innovative development of organically bound trace elements:
°   Completely new, patented production process
°   Trace element GLYCINATE – Chelate compound of one trace element bound to
     two molecules of organic compound glycin (unique!)
°   Copperbisglycin – Chelate – Hydrate (Copper)
°   Zincbisglycin – Chelate – Hydrate (Zinc)
°   Manganesebisglycin – Chelate – Hydrate (Managanese)
°   Ironbisglycin – Chelate – Hydrate (Iron)

Advantages of using AMINOTRACE over regular trace elements:
Points of activity in pig production:
°   Growth potential
°   Fertility
°   Active immunity
°   Stress stability
°   Balance of metabolism
°   Feed efficacy
°   Content of heavy metals in feces
°   Feed conversion
°   Claw health
°   Stability of fundament

Points of activity in cattle production: °   Fertility
°   Growth potential
°   Balance of metabolism
°   Feed conversion
°   Stability of rumen
°   Udder health
°   Immunity
°   Hoof health