Mineral and speciality feeds, licks, milk replacers and starter feeds for dairy cattle, calves, bulls & feedlot cattle.
Mineral feeds, speciality products and finished feeds for sows, piglets and fattening pigs.
Mineral and nutritional concentrates for sheep, goats and lambs.
Mineral and nutritional concentrates for hens, turkeys and broilers.
Supplements, feed additives and fertility boosters for equine animals.
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Leading player in SA’s animal health industry named as Innovator of the Year®

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Entepreneur of the Year media release

Welcome to Be Above Herbal Renaissance

There is a tremendous increase in the demand for natural products the world over as alternative to chemical products which cause pollution, toxic manifestations and residue problems. Natural products being safe, eco-friendly and free from such side effects are, therefore, becoming the obvious choice.
The Indian System of Medicine called “Ayurveda” which deals with the use of herbs for the treatment of human beings has stood the test of time. Drawing inspiration of the fundamentals of Ayurvedic Medication, Larrem now is on the forefront to develop and distribute (in association with Indian Herbs Ltd, India) natural products for improvement of animal heath and augmentation of production.
Since then, Indian Herbs continues to hold leading position in herbal animal health products in India and abroad. According to ORG – an independent market survey organization – Indian Herbs is one of the top 4 Animal Health Product Companies in India, successfully competing with multinational companies due to consistent quality and modern scientific research. Most of the Indian Herbs products are brand leaders in their respective therapeutic segments.
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